What is the Dark Web – The myths debunked?



What is the Dark Web – The myths debunked?

So the age-old question, which reminds me of the ‘Question that shall never be asked’ (Dr Who Ref) and it is almost as mysterious.

But is it, really. Why do people look shocked when you mention the Dark Web, which is actually the same as the deep web and not as anonymous as it sounds.

In my humble view, the World Wide Web is split into three sections, two of those we use on most days and the third is the unmentionable part.

As a former (but still registered) psychologist the internet reminds me of the brain and how it works.  The things we think of all the time which we call the conscious mind, just below that is the subconscious mind, which is the second level of the internet and the last being the unconscious, the dark web.

Everyday we use the internet in one way or another, every time we google search we are using the ‘open’ internet. That anyone can use quite freely. But we stray into the deep area every time we use a private section of the internet. Every time we log into our social media, memberships and the like, we are actually in a private area. So in theory that aspect is the subconscious.

So let’s look at the myths around the question which is, what is the dark web? Well, it is another part of the internet that is used when people want anonymity and do not want to be noticed.  It is somewhere that people can not be traced or tracked and is not illegal.  What is illegal is some of the activities that are offered, which I am sure you can speculate about, and yes, some do exist.

A Very Odd Place!

It is a very strange place indeed, not fancy, it is what it is and nothing else. Yes, you can buy stuff if so inclined, or you can find out information that is not on the free internet.

For example, some countries ban social media and free speech,  so they use a private internet, where it is very difficult to be tracked and they can remain anonymous.

This is just an introduction, but the deep dark web is safe if you are careful, like the rest of the internet, don’t take risks because it will backfire.

The reason that the Dark Web is anonymous is that it goes through what is called VPN’s, or Virtual Private Networks. They send a signal to different servers so they can not be traced. It is a bit like if you bounce a ball in a square room and watch it hit the walls many times, each touchpoint is a server. If I asked you to point to each spot the ball hit you couldn’t.

I love it when people ask me ‘what is the dark web?’, I get to tell them everything it is not.  The usual thing is can you buy drugs and guns? Can you hire a hitman etc…. I am honest and tell them I have no idea because I have not looked for that.  Of course with anything, if you look hard enough you will find it, but whether it is a scam is another matter.

It is, however, good for those wanting to be anonymous, those who want encryption from prying eyes. To be fair the encryption is pretty damn good. You can send messages that can not be traced or read, other than by who you want to see it.

There are some really good resources and subject matter, but again it does depend on what you want to do.

If I wanted to create an exclusive membership for something that is a real hush thing, then the dark/deep web is the place.  I couldn’t imagine what I would want an exclusive membership for? One thing that did crop up when I was writing this was that this would be ideal for Burke and Hare to advertise the bodies, probably a bit random.

But, unless you have a good look, you will not know.  I suppose it depends on what you want to find.  I will say however that look and browse with caution because I have not looked for things, it does not mean they are there. I imagine they are due to anonymity.

I certainly know there is a facebook and Wikipedia section. So that is nearly it for what is the dark web. Next time I will introduce you to the ways to access the deep and dark. Until then have fun.

My last word to the wise: If I can show you how to access it, then you can be sure the authorities know and most certainly use it for intelligence gathering. So if you plan on selling something….be careful.


Next Time

Something Exciting

Despite our warnings, there will be a post on how to get yourself onto the Dark Web.

So until then…….

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