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Welcome to WIlsonsWebs a new web development agency in North West Kent and South London borders. We specialise in Web Development, SEO and Security.


I decided to set up WilsonsWebs after my circumstances changed and I had to work from home.  I had been interested in web development for many years and was even more intrigued by SEO.  Recently, after having many sites hacked, I embarked on working with web security and Penetration Testing.

We offer a full service to cater to the needs of people at a personal level and care of being one to one.

We are unique as far as we know. Our agency offers the services and also the necessary project management, content creation and feedback elements.

The cool thing is that when we start on your site you can access and tell us what edits you want by adding a note to the screen.

There are time limits to move the project along and everything, as you would expect is via project management to avoid any mistakes.

WilsonsWebs offers aftercare packages as well as SEO and security packages.  We advise you fully on every aspect of our service.


Because we offer the whole package, we only take on the work that we feel will benefit both parties and give the best service.

We work alongside you at every step of the way and ensure that your project is on track.

We offer reasonable prices for our web development, SEO and security packages.

A little word about security, it is like mobile phone insurance. Nobody needs it until they drop their phone, which usually means extra cost and time without the phone.

We are comprehensive and will explain everything in full detail to you at the start of everything.

Our process begins with a meeting where we complete the initial idea, which involves your ideas and what you need.

From this, we set up a project management plan to track all the tasks. 

We use two very cool bits of software which allow you to tell us exactly what you want from your site and also allows you to tell us what you want to change.


A Bit About Me

Well, I am experienced in the digital world and also have a long background in Law and Investigation. By the nature of those roles, I like to leave no stone unturned in regards to the service we offer.

I work from home around home educating and all of the other bits and pieces. Luckily I can run the agency around this with help from other members of WilsonsWebs.


Something Exciting 

We are very much into the security side of websites. This means that we are the only agency that offers such things as anti-malware, anti-penetration and hacking advice. This protects your site’s data and prevents a breach of data, which could be very expensive and detrimental.

We are also preparing training to dispell that myth surrounding the dark web and the deep web.

Interested. Sign up below.



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