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  • Meet & Discuss
  • Design & Prototype
  • Testing & Tweaking
  • Launch & Maintain

Meet & Discuss

The most important task is the initial discussion.

The most important part is finding out exactly what you want for your new website.  We get an idea of what you neeed and wether it will work.  We use a content managment system to ensure we have all we need and this keeps everything on track with your timeline.

Design & Prototype

The design process is important.

We work on your design brief and put together a prototype website dependant on your needs. We first make what we call a wireframe and build around it. This is the stage where everything takes shape ready for the final stages.

Testing & Tweaking

Let’s get everything just right at this stage.

At this stage we have a site that can be tested to ensure everything works as it should. This is where amedments happen and we ask you to thoroughly test and check your site. It is easy to miss little tthings that can have a big impact.

Launch & Maintain

Headlong into lift off

We launch into the world wide internet and your site becomes a live and kicking flurry of code and pictures.  Once it goes live we will help you to maintain through the teething process and make sure it is getting noticed on Google.

Basic/Starter Site

What is included in this package

Five hours consulting time

Full comprehensive review

SEO and Security review

Blog set Up


Our basic and start up site is suitable for those wanting a quick set up.

Our starter package is ideal for those people who want a quick one page or five page site made from one of our extensive templates.


For a more comprehensive site or a full restructure.

Sometimes people want a more comprehensive site that includes certain things not included in the basic package. Such things as memberships, learning platforms, appointment bookings and e-commerce.

We use WordPress for our sites because of the ease of upgrade. We can of course structure using HTML/CSS, but it will be more expensive and time consuming.

It will look unique as we’ll use your own logo, colours, fonts and styles.

We make the site responsive for all devices  and can advise  you on your content.

New Site or Restructure

Self explanatory and Includes

Agree site structure

Set up staging site

Apply logo, fonts and colours

Edit main copy and write calls to action, business ‘one-liner’ and SEO data for every page

Resize and upload images (including social media images)

Migrate to live server and test all pages, links, forms and email marketing integration


What is included in this package

 Any aspect of website management or digital marketing that isn’t covered by our standard packages.

Call us to dicuss


For more adventourous sites.

This is usually for the e-commerce type sites, learning sites and anything else that is felt as custom or bespoke.


Flexible pricing on packages to suit your budget.

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