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Get traffic from search engines, content such as blog posts, articles, videos, infographics, white papers and podcasts and from social media.

Increase Traffic to your Site

As an SEO company in Kent we can help your local SEO by increasing visitors to your site.

Boost your Sales

By using our SEO services we can help drive visitors to your site by targettingkeywords.

Boost your Sales

By working with us and developing your web site we can help you grow your customer base.

A reliable SEO service at an unbelievable price.

There have always been people trying to increase web site rankings by using methods deemed as ‘black hat’ methods. In the past, people could keyword stuff, use the certain word in every sentence and create posts about nothing, but included the keyword.

That has changed, thankfully, and google penalises people who use these methods.

Google now uses complicated algorithms to process sites.

The adoption of quality over content has taken precedence. Relevant content is needed along with the accuracy of the subject matter and well-contstruccted articles.

  • Key Word Research
  • Optimisation
  • Site Audit
  • Social Media

Hard Work

and time.


A few things to tell you about your SEO campaign.

SEO is a complicated and fluid part of web development. It is much better than a few years ago and is more aware if you are trying ‘frowned upon’ methods to get your site noticed. Here are a few myths.


SEO takes time, it is not quick.


You can not buy your way to the top.


If anyone says they can get you to number one on Google in 7 days………Run!!


What we help with - quick guide.

Getting to the top of the search engines involves working with complex algorithms and site content etc.  Luckily there are tools we can use for the algorithms, but the content and keywords come from you.

We will start by getting keywords relevant to your site, analysing them, putting them in context.

Sitting and waiting for them to be crawled and indexed.

This is time-consuming.

After that, it needs constant work on competing with your competitors.

We recommend giving it a few months to notice the site getting higher in the rankings. 


Time + Patience = Results


The support we offer is from day one and we can assist in every aspect of the SEO campaign.

social media

We can help you to set up your social media profiles and set up auto-posting to save you time.


Advertising can be a confusing aspect of SEO. We advise on the best way forward.

Site Audit

This allows your site to be checked for any areas that may be improved for your SEO campaign.


Contact us for full pricing and packages.

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