Why we should take web security seriously?

People tend to forget about the security on their site. So many times I have come across a client panicking because their site is down.

I have learnt from experience the loss and time an infected site takes to deal with. But what are the risks of site infection.

There are many things that can be put into place, which work effectively. There are basic things such as passwords and not downloading infected files.

It does go a lot deeper than this. Hackers can get access to information, take control of your site and even affect your sales pages.

They could even infect your system, send emails you have on your site and infect them.

It is scary how unprotected the world wide web is, even scarier how quickly it can be accessed. 

Better safe than sorry.

  • Loss of Business
  • Dropped Revenue
  • Web Site Down
  • Cross Contamination


According to Google latest stats, over 20k websites are hacked every week and over 30% of them are made in WordPressIt’s better to prevent an attack than to spend a lot of money and time to recover your data after an attack not to mention the situation when your clients’ data are stollen.

Better safe than sorry


Make sure that you discuss your security needs with your developer. Ask what can be done as preventative measures.

Back Ups

If you do not make regular back ups of your site, then in case of an infection, you will lose everything and have to start again.


The amount of stress that is caused by a site infection can be unmeasurable.  Imagine the time and money that went into the site and it suddenly goes.

Loss Of business

Have you got the hours and experience to spend on repairing your site? It can take hours and even days dependant on the site.


We offer two different packages in regard to our security packages.

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