How to tell if my website has been hacked.

More than 125,000 websites are hacked every day. That’s more than one site every second. 45 million a year, actually. With 235 million active websites, almost 1 in 5 are likely to be compromised this year. While there are more than one and a half billion registered domain names, most of those domains are “parked.” That’s why the number of active sites is much smaller. Those are pretty bad odds against us. Any steps we can take to strengthen our websites against attack are worthwhile. When I looked at these figures, I remembered a few times my WordPress sites had been hacked.  I wondered how I could fix my hacked wordpress site and realised that I could keep fixing it without really knowing why. In a previous career, I had been a police officer and had a knack at investigation and working out the hows and whys of an investigation.  I would dig and dig until I found the right results. I thought I could apply that to this case and work out how to tell if my website has been hacked. I had to go right to the very beginning and I started looking for answers and came back with many answers and they involved words that might as well have been written in ‘Klingon’.  I found words like Kali Linux, apt-get, Wireshark, airdrop-ng and more. This was new to me, I have studied and considered myself of reasonable intelligence, but this was wow.  Then I found out I could run Kali Linux on a virtual machine.  That was a task, but not as bad as I thought as I managed to install this Linux operating system onto my VMWare. Following so far, well I hope so, but if not keep reading as I go into the next part where I click into the start of learning how hackers hack and ultimately how to fix your hacked WordPress site. Fast forward and not only do I have the Kali Linux installed as a Virtual Machine, but I have also managed to get Windows 10 onto another virtual machine as recommended in a tutorial on Ethical Hacking. So I have my Kali Linux, which is referred to as my base machine and the windows as the target machine. The next part, well, it took days to figure out.  I had to somehow link the two virtual machines tog

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