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Maintenance Plans

Why are maintenance plans needed?


We all have mobile phones. What happens when they go wrong or we have to reset them? Unless we have backed everything up, we lose photos, messages and contacts. Which in some cases can result in time and effort. It certainly is stressfull. It is the same with a website. What happens if the same happens? It takes a lot of effort and time, I can vouch for that, even us web developers can get hacked.

Plan 1

Our basic protection plan is suitable for personal pages or small websites that do not have e-commerce or meberships. The plan offers core updates, back up and auto renewal.

Plan 2

For small to medium sites this covers a lot more in the way of security features. It includes backing up of everything weekly and site optimisation and a site audit each month.

Plan 3

This is the top standard of protection and involves everything including malware scans, audits and speed optimisation. The complete peice of mind.

Pricing for maintenance plans.


It is not straightforward sometimes, so please feel free to contact us so we can discuss the options with you. 

If you do not have one of the maintenace packages I charge a flat rate of £25 per hour.

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