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Web Development in Kent


WilsonsWebs is a small independent freelance web development agency covering Kent and London. As a small family agency we can offer the one to one support that is often lacking in larger agencies.

We offer, not only web development, we cover website security issues, audits and updates.

We offer full development and maintenance for your site.  We can build something from scratch or update your existing site. We are thorough and set a realistic timetable for the work we complete, click the button below for a rough estimate timetable.


Freelance Web Development in Kent. We specialise in Css and Javascript to make your site function as you want it to function.

Web Site Audit

A site’s success is down to how the site is optimised to meet the standards required by the internet. This helps your SEO to improve.


Search Engines are essential for an online presence in business. We can make sure your site is fully optimised and ready for being found.

Site Speed

Site speed is very important as the longer a page takes to load, the quicker someone will leave it. Your site needs to be fast and functional at all times.

Web Development Kent


People get confused between development and design and hopefully we can clear that up. We are developers, which means that once a website design has been agreed on, we can make it work.

We can make the site stand out and be one step ahead of the static sites that are too often seen.  Click the button for an example of development.

Mobile Ready

Our sites built to look great on Tablet & Mobile devices. We’ve made some custom Tablet & Mobile customizations to ensure our sites  look beautiful on as many devices as possible.

We focuses on using plenty of white space, clean lines, classic typography & beautiful imagery. These design practices come together to provide a wonderful Tablet & Mobile experience as well as viewing on larger screens.

Your site will look great on Tablet & Mobile. 



This can disrupt your site and create the site to act very strange indeed. We make sure that contingencies are in place to prevent such things as malware intrusions.

Client Portal

Unique to us is a client portal, this is where we communicate with you and ideas are placed for your approval. It is an easy way to keep everything in one place.


You will see these letters a lot. They are the reason your site is on the search engines and people can find you. We help get your site onto Google and up the search index.

A Bigger Vision

A website is the way to reach people especially if you are running a business.

We make sure that when a potential client lands on your website that they will stay and explore and bring their custom to you.

We are comprehensive in our approach and work to a timescale that suits everyone. 

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We are contactable most of the time when we are free. We may not always get back to you, but we certainly try to within 24 hours.



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